"Battling" Barney Calhoun in

The Bat-Men of the Yinga River!

An 8-Chapter Two-Fister in the South China Sea!

"Doc" R.B. Danby

Aye, me beauties! We've a hearty tale for ye this trip. And ye knows Cap'n Blight would ne'er let ye down. Set in the 1930s' South China Sea, here's an 8-chapter two-fister featuring "Doc" Danby's brawny Cape Breton brawler, "Battling" Barney Calhoun.

Enlisted to journey into the dank, dark jungle of the island nation Maroon, our Barney finds himself going toe-to-toe with crocodiles, goons, and a dreaded race of Bat-Men, all with a lovely lass in tow! So cast off the bow line and keep your toes out of the water, as we steam a course for peril and the shuddersome secret of...the Bat-Men of the Yinga River!

And when you're done, be sure to check out "Battling' Barney Calhoun in the short, two-fisted tale The Serpent's Nest.

Chapter 1: Horror in Jade (Apr 7)
Chapter 2: Attack in the Dark (Apr 15)
Chapter 3: The Gambling Den (Apr 22)
Chapter 4: Casino of Death (Apr 29)
Chapter 5: To Escape the Warlord (May 6)
Chapter 6: Jungle Drums (May 13)
Chapter 7: The Temple of the Bat-men (May 20)
Chapter 8 (Conclusion): Death on Wings (May 27)

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