Monster hunter extraordinaire
Jack Quick


Jack Be Quick

A COMPLETE 5-Chapter Scarifying Adventure!

by Kevin "The Wizard" Lumley
About the author

GorgeOw, it dark in here!  Gorge not like dark!  Spooky things jump out at Gorge in the dark.  Spooky things... like... Gorge's... mother-in-law

This 5-episode serial very spooky too.  It written by buddy-pal Kevin "The Wizard" Lumley, so you know it gonna be good.  This serial pretty short, but pack a punch! 
Gorge hopes see more of Jack Quick in future.  He hero but with a little monster in him.  (Gorge have a little monster in him, too.  It called 'lunch'!)  Jack Quick is hero the way Gorge likes 'em.  Morally ambivalent and socio-culturally alienated by the postmodern ethos.

And hitting stuff!

What more Gorge say?  Real creepy monsters with wings and teeth attack a police station!  They want to eat up everyone!  Makes Gorge want visit snack bar.  Want Gorge get you something?

Okay, maybe later...


This serial has been removed from the Archives at the request of the author as the story will be re-appearing in another publication (so keep an eye out for it!)  

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