Major Abram Donlevy

The Terror of the Rails

An Extraordinary 15 Chapter Odyssey of Action and Wonderment!

Andrew Dunphy

Tony Tornado
Tony Tornado here, tough guys, to introduce youse to our latest epic serial.  Now I'm not much of a cook myself -- none of that Nancy-boy stuff for me!  But if I were -- I say, if I were -- I might say this is in the nature of a confectionary cornucopia. Throw in a bit of Ian Fleming in the form of a 19th Century secret agent, add a (manly) sprinkling of, say, Edgar Rice Burroughs-ian cliff-hanger thrills, toss in the flavour of a Jules Verne Scientific Romance, and maybe just a touch, just a touch, of H.P. Lovecraft, and youse might start to get a hint of what's in store in this epic adventure.

The time period is the latter half of the 19th Century, the place, the western prairies of the Dominion of Canada.  One of that century's most stupendous undertakings is under way, the building of the cross-Canada railroad -- when completed, it will be one of the largest railroads on earth!  If it gets completed.  Something dark and dangerous is lurking in the lonely prairie nights -- something unstoppable.  To beat it, an unlikely fellowship is formed including a government agent, a real swell-looking Indian maiden, and a Jesuit priest.  But their investigation will take them places they've never dreamed...and to uncover secrets they couldn't have imagined.

It's a rollicking, whiz-doozer of an adventure.  So climb on board and face...The Terror of the Rails!!!
Chapter 1: The Monster of the Railroad (Mar. 2)

Chapter 2: "Be it Human or Devil" (Mar. 16)

Chapter 3: What Lies in the Field (Mar. 23)

Chapter 4: The Devil Strikes! (Mar. 30)

Chapter 5: The Devil's Face (April 7)

Chapter 6: Trapped! (April 13)

Chapter 7: Within the Belly of the Beast (April 27)

Chapter 8: The Devil's Master (May 4)

Chapter 9: In the Land of Shadow (May 11)

Chapter 10: To Battle the Beast! (May 18)

Chapter 11: Prisoners or Guests (May 25)

Chapter 12: Of Atlantis...and the Utopia Plan (June 2)

Chapter 13: The Endless Tunnel (June 9)

Chapter 14: Total Destruction! (June 15)

Chapter 15: Escape! (Conclusion (June 22)


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