Dalton Quasar in

The Doom Ship of Time!

A COMPLETE 6-Chapter Adventure of the Future!

About the author

Greetings to all you bzzz biotic lifeforms. Android Deltar-769 here...Deltar to my hick friends. May I bleep humbly present for your urk edification, this 6-chapter tale of the bloop farflung future featuring "Drooling" D.K. Latta's Man of Tomorrow, Dalton Quasar.

Indeed, as a mechanized simulacrum myself, I am particularly energized by this bzzz suspenseful story of time travel and dinosaurs, ray guns and rocket packs, neanderthals and spaceships. It blip-blurp makes one positively home sick!

I can give no better introduction than that provided by the author him sproing self. So, without further ado...

Two hundred years before he had been one of earth's first interplanetary astronauts. A disaster on board his ship had killed his crew and he was bombarded by cosmic rays. What happened next, even he was not sure. He awoke two hundred years in the future, imbued with abilities no mortal man had ever known.

He was Dalton Quasar...

Episode 1: The Doom Ship (Feb 25)
Episode 2: Through the Well of Time (Mar 4)
Episode 3: Men Who Are Not Men (Mar 11)
Episode 4: The Lost Crew (Mar 17)
Episode 5: Mad Dogs and Lizard Men (Mar 25)
Episode 6 (Conclusion): Last Stop - Infinity! (Apr 1)

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