By Jeff A. Hatch

In the spirit of Doc Savage and the Shadow comes a 16-part adventure serial!

In the darksome domain of Necropolis, where evil lurks in the hearts of men, three heroes rise up to stand against the forces of darkness...three men with amazing powers and abilities...Eclipse...Poltergeist...Nemesis...And crime hasn't got a prayer!

Episode 1: Begins the Beginning (Oct 3)
Episode 2: The End of the Beginning (Oct 9)
Episode 3: Legacy of Darkness! (Oct 16)
Episode 4: Justice! (Oct 23)
Episode 5: A Visitor in the Dark (Nov 6)
Episode 6: Dead and Gone! (Nov 13)
Episode 7: A Date with Death! (Nov 20)
Episode 8: Father Knows Best! (Nov 28)
Episode 9: A Face Only a Mother Could Love! (Dec 4)
Episode 10: The Heat is On! (Dec 12)
Episode 11: Destroyed! (Dec 19)
Episode 12: Here, Kitty Kitty! (Jan 10)
Episode 13: Boo! (Jan 16)
Episode 14: The Cryptic Book! (Jan 23)
Episode 15: Escape from Brazil! (Jan 30)
Episode 16 (conclusion): Just Call Me Tailspin! (Feb 6)

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