Pulp and Dagger Fiction Webzine presents

Blood of the Lynx

A four-part tale of swordplay and sorcery
Fred Blosser

Cap'n Blight Avast, me hearties. Cap'n Blight here to introduce this little offering of sword play, double crosses, and sorcerous magic. An' it's a moody little tale, to be sure. Aye! A leader of a rebel clan is offered terms of peace by the ruler of the invading kingdom his people are fighting with -- providin' he can rescue a princess held by a pirate king.

Well, they say the enemy of me enemy is me friend -- he ain't, o' course, he's just a whole 'nother dastard you want to be stretchin' from the yard arm! (But that's me own personal bit o' philosophizing) Anyway... So young Zhangi must make a deal with a devil...and might find himself battling demons of a decidedly less metaphorical constitution...

So, strap on your knives and mount up for...Blood of the Lynx...

CHAPTER ONE (May 28, 2006)

CHAPTER TWO (June 4, 2006)

CHAPTER THREE (June 11, 2006)



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