Miskatonic University's "Special Assignments Detail"

Beneath the Glacier

A COMPLETE 5-Chapter Hi-Tech Horror Homage to Lovecraft

By David Reeder

Caleb Crud
Wal, howdee, guys an' ghouls.  Yer ol' pal Caleb Crud has 'nother one fer yew.  Thet's right, in this here unerfficial sequ'l to H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness", Miskatonic University sends their "Special Assignments Detail" -- the university's security department -- to the Antarctic after they lose touch with a bunch o' eggheads down there.  And serves 'em right, too, if'n yew ask me.  Messin' with things God-fearing folk oughta leave alone!

Anyhow, this Special Assignments Detail (SAD fer short) are no sissies, un'erstand.  What I'm sayin' is, they are definitely loaded fer bear.  But I'm not sure even thet's gonna help them.  Not once they git themselves an eyeful o' what's...Beneath the Glacier!
Episode 1: Deployment (June 29)
Episode 2: Entry (July 6)
Episode 3: Contact (July 20)
Episode 4: Casualties (July 27)
Episode 5 (conclusion): Fragged (Aug. 3)


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