Raymond Swift, adventurer, scientist, and man-of-action

Trail of the HMS Fortuna

A 9-Chapter Epic of Pulp-era Adventure

By Andrea Tran

Well all right, youse lazabouts. Tony Tornado here to tell ya that Christmas is over. Good will has come and gone for another twelve months. It's time to get back to some serious daring do and high adventure, and it doesn't get much daring-er or much higher than when you're hunting a missing dirigible that's carrying a device that could change the world (believe me, I know -- but that's another story).

Just ask Raymond Swift, part egg head, part mercenary, all man-of-action. The year is 1937 and the Brits have lost the airship, HMS Fortuna, and with it a mysterious, world altering Device. Quicker than you can say "Swift", ol' Ray's on the job. And his adventure reads like a movie marquee --

* * * SEE Raymond Swift, explorer-scientist extraordinaire, versus the nefarious Doctor Laszlo Belarski, ruthless, power-mad mesmerist!!
* * * WITNESS deadly traps, supernatural occurrences and curvaceous women in danger!
* * * FIND OUT the uncanny destiny of British missing airship HMS Fortuna!

See what I mean?

And, yeah, the editors at Pulp and Dagger seem to have a thing for serials with airships (they've cropped up in Hell Hath the Hindenburg and Sail Far, Sail High to name just two) -- but then, who doesn't? So strap on your boots, buckle on your parachutes, and get ready to head out on...the trail of the HMS Fortuna!

This serial has been removed at the request of the author (with the possibility the property may be revised and reconceived for another venue -- so keep an eye out for that, pulpsters! And thanks to Andrea for letting PDF post it for a time.)


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