"Bloody Ben" Coffin

The Ship Eaters

A 9-Chapter Adventure of Piracy on the Bounding Main!

Jeffrey "The Supreme Plasmate" Blair Latta

Captain Blight
Avast, me lovelies! A fabulous hidden treasure, a lost civilization, a lovely lass, and a mysterious force that devours ships without a trace...It's all here! What has Cap'n Blight dug out o' the ol' sea chest this time? A 9-episode two-fisted serial, to be sure! An' one close to me heart! Aye, pirates! And a scurvy bunch they are, too.

Set in the Caribbees in the Year of Our Lord 1719, this swashbuckler has everything a good seadog could ask fer! But to me thinking, the grandest part is this -- the hero is "Bloody Ben" Coffin, the rottenest sea rover of them all!

It's like no pirate adventure ye've seen before, I promise ye that! (Ye might say, it's a pirate story for everyone who thought the movie Cutthroat Island sucked!) So, lay on the canvas and hoist the anchor, as we set sail to solve the mystery of...The Ship Eaters!

Chapter 1: Shark Bait (July 30)
Chapter 2: Footfalls at Midnight (Aug 12)
Chapter 3: Ratboy's Revenge (Aug 20)
Chapter 4: "Clear For Action!" (Aug 26)
Chapter 5: Vanishing Ships (Sept 2)
Chapter 6: The Hidden Lagoon (Sept 9)
Chapter 7: Buried in Sand (Sept 16)
Chapter 8: Beneath the Pyramid (Sept 24)
Chapter 9 (conclusion): The Secret of the Ship Eater (Oct 7)

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