Death Deals

A COMPLETE 11-Part Eerie Serial of Horror!

About the author

The cards (and carcasses!) are on the table, the deck is stacked (with corpses!), and all bets are off in this decidedly diabolical diversion from Jeremy Riddle!

Part weird menace, part superhero, part hard-boiled detective, part Sci-Fi adventure, all wrapped up in an 11-chapter frightsome fable of ghastly, scythe-wielding revenge, mobsters and mayhem, severed body parts and a killer without a face!

Read on, faithful follower...and Pray he doesn't come for you!

Episode 1: Ante Up! (Sept 6)
Episode 2: Cutting Cards (Sept 17)
Episode 3: The Hand He's Dealt (Sept 24)
Episode 4: Raise (Oct 1)
Episode 5: Bang! (Oct 8)
Episode 6: Fortunate Man with the Dead Man's Hand (Oct 15)
Episode 7: Discard (Oct 27)
Episode 8: Raise, Again (Nov 5)
Episode 9: Straight (Nov 12)
Episode 10: Pay or Play (Nov 26)
Episode 11 (Conclusion): Fold (Dec 3)

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