In the Dark of Kingston

A 7-Part Serial of Horror


In the sinister (and syntactical) spirit of H. P. Lovecraft, may we offer up a 7-part frightsome fearfest of eldritch, cosmic horror. An English professor receives a strange missive (and an even stranger warning), a letter which leads him to literally unearth the ancient terror which hides beneath a small Ontario town, the horror which lurks In the Dark of Kingston...

If you value your sanity, don't read this with the lights out!

Episode 1: The Strange Letter (July 9)
Episode 2: The Invitation (July 16)
Episode 3: A Trail of Blood (Aug 1)
Episode 4: The Kingston Stone (Aug 6)
Episode 5: The House on Bagot Street (Aug 13)
Episode 6: The Blood-Stained Book (Aug 19)
Episode 7: The Hanging Tower (Aug 27)

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