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A Planet-Hopping Science Fiction Adventure in 6 Chapters!

The Jewel of Besminur

"Swashbuckling" Kirk Straughen

about the author

Caleb C. Crud
Caleb C. Crud here to make the introductioneerin' for this latest offering here at Pulp & Dagger from ol' Kirk Straughen...who y'might be recollecting contributed some earlier serials like Swords Across the Void n' Island of Terror. Good stuff, with a lot o' runnin' about, n' fightin' n' things. There's a bit of the flavour of old school scribblers like Edgar Rice Burroughs and Edmond Hamilton is this here tale -- The Jewel of Besminur! Least, that's the way the ed-ee-tor 'splained it to me. Don't know much about that -- I don't generally call it readin' unless my lips are allowed to move and there are pictures!

Anyway, things start with a bang -- kinda literal like -- when a space shipp is attacked by them dagblasted space pirates! An', wouldn't ya know it, but there's a woman involved, too? And pretty soon, our luckless hero -- a young piker name o' Taxa -- is involved in a quest for a jewel that has long since passed into myth...

CHAPTER 1: Corsair of the Void (August 20, '06)

CHAPTER 2: A Choice of Gruesome Deaths (August 27, '06)

CHAPTER 3: A Gauntlet of Enemies (Sept. 3, '06)

CHAPTER 4: Treasure of the Elder Gods (Sept. 10, '06)

CHAPTER 5: Ancient Ruins (Sept. 17, '06)

CHAPTER 6: The Play Ends - Conclusion (Sept. 24, '06)


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