"There are strange things done 'neath the midnight sun..."  ~Robert Service

D.K. Latta's

The Fellowship of
The Midnight Sons
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Travel back to the dark days of World War II and the untold exploits of a band of mysterious, "costumed adventurers" in the so-called Land of the Midnight Sun -- Canada. Action-packed serials inspired by pulp magazine adventurers like Doc Savage, the Shadow, and comic book super heroes.

The first two serials -- PLUS an all-new, never before published novella, "To Wake the Leviathan" -- are now available in an e-book collection under the title:


(Yeah, I decided to eschew the pun of midnight "sons" -- apparently Marvel used a similar name in the 1990s and though I was pretty sure I was on ok ground, legally, I figured why invite the wrath of corporate lawyers, eh?)

AVAILABLE from AMAZON (ie: amazon.ca, amazon.com, etc.

And don't forget MASQUES & CAPES: An Imaginary History (also available from Amazon in ebook and print).

The First Adventure...

When Walk the Gods
A Nazi spy-ring scheme to kidnap a Canadian scientist and use his research to create the ultimate Nazi super man brings togther a loose fellowship of costumed heroes to attempt to thwart it...


The Second Adventure...
On a storm-lashed night, mind control, and the secrets of antiquity are just parts of the puzzle when a megalomaniac, The Puppet, seeks to conquer the entire city, and only the Fellowship of the Midnight Sons has a hope of stopping him...

New allies...new enemies...in...

Night of the Mind-Tyrants


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The story and characters are copyright D.K. Latta. The story and characters may not be used or redistributed without his permission.