The Rogues Gallery

Foes appearing in "When Walks the Gods"...

Dr. Wolfgang Erich Vogel
The Nazi chief-scientist who will be instrumental in bringing their plan to fruition, if our heroes can't stop them first.

Major Strauss
The sinister, Canadian-born German major of the gaunt, towering frame, whose bite is definitely worse than his bark.

A psychotic serial killer before the war, he was released by the German S.S. to employ his abilities of super-speed and electricity on behalf of the Nazi party.

Der Mut von das Vaterland
A true super-man, The Spirit of the Fatherland is super strong and almost invulnerable. His only weakness is that he isn't exactly one of Germany's smarter sons.

General von Schlachten
The mysterious General is apparently head of the covert project...but is rarely seen.

and the foes appearing in "Night of the Mind-Tyrants"...

The Puppet
A brilliant psychologist and neurologist, the Puppet has turned his brilliance to crime, often employing various mind-control techniques to turn even his enemies into unwitting allies. A little person, perhaps motivated by the prejudice he encountered in his life, The Puppet dresses in a costume that evokes a ventriloquist's ironic joke by a man who uses others as his personal puppets.

The Raven
A super-powered hired thug, the Raven can fly thanks to his mechanical wings, and can be deadly in a fight thanks to his razor sharp talons.

And just who is the other mysterious adversary in "Night of the Mind-Tyrants"? Well, that'd be telling...