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Shuddersome? Maybe not. But they don't come any shorter than this consisely conceived chronological curio. And who could resist a yarn with a title so dear to our hearts...?

Weird Tale

By Gary Thomas

About the author

Uncle Stan, the inventor, lived with his huge collection of old pulps. (We all drooled but bided our time.) Of all the old crumbling magazines, Weird Tales was his favorite. He had them all except for May 1934. Not a particularly hard issue to find, despite the Conan story.

Eventually, old Stan passed, and I got the lot. I even bought a May 1934. The Conan tale is great. But the one my uncle would have got a hoot out of was "The Time Traveling Writer" by Stanley V. Pickett.

Imagine that--another Stanley V. Pickett.

The End.

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Weird Tale is copyright 1999, by Gary Thomas. It may not be copied or used for any commercial purpose except for short excerpts used for reviews. (Obviously, you can copy it or print it out if you want to read it!)