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Hilltop Drive

By Brian Grisham
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THE NIGHT SKY WAS AS CLEAR as Greg's eyes as he watched the heavens from inside the convertible. He turned to look at Enna who was leaning on the hood of his car, smiled, raised his hands high above his head, and mused, "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Yea, sure is," Enna giggled, revealing her poetic smile and asked, "What do you call this place?"

Confusion washed over Greg's face, then he answered, "I don't know. I never bothered to name it. But, I could give you a closer look."

Enna's eyes widened as she gasped, "How? We're as close to the stars as we can get. This is a fantastic sight, and I'm glad you showed me, but how much further up the mountain do you want to drive?"

"We're not driving."

"Yea, and I suppose we're going to fly," Enna said sarcastically and climbed back into Greg's convertible, staring into the heavens above.

Greg put his arm around her, and peered back up into the heavens. After a few seconds he craned his head to the side and calmly replied, "Yes, we're flying."

"Greg, you have a death-wish."

"Do you really think so?"

"I know you do. Now, why don't you lay down next to me and talk some more."

"I think you're right," Greg uttered as he jumped out of the car and stepped near the cliff's edge. He muttered, "I think I do have a death wish."

Enna sat upright and watched Greg stare off into the city lights. She brushed her dark hair aside and asked, "What's wrong? Are you all right?"

Greg lowered his head then muttered softly in the chilling breeze, "No, I'm not all right. In fact, nothing's right." He sighed and continued, "I'm going to jump, Enna."

"You better be joking."

"I'm serious," he said; "I'm going to jump and land on this little town of ours." Then looking back at Enna he exclaimed, "See you in the next life!"

Enna screamed in horror as she horribly watched Greg leap off the ridge. She then stumbled out of the car and scrambled to where her boyfriend had stood and searched but he was nowhere in sight. Greg's body had vanished in the black depths below, and as Enna kneeled before the ledge with the city lights below, she sobbed her life and memories into her young hands.

Suddenly, out from nowhere, somebody grabbed her and picked her up by her shoulders. Enna fought until she realized it was Greg. Over-joyed she kissed his hands, his face and fully on the lips.

Greg kissed back, then pulled away, and cried, "Just kidding!"

Enna grabbed Greg's open jacket and slugged him in the face. He fell onto the dirt, holding his hand over his bleeding lip. "What was that for?" Greg proclaimed.

"You asshole! I thought you were dead!"

"Well, now you know I'm not. Come on, lets go get a bite to eat."

Enna covered her face to wipe the tears and uttered, "How did you climb back up the cliff?"

Greg didn't answer.

"Greg? How did you get back up?" She turned to the ledge then back toward Greg and all at once she found herself alone...again. "Greg? Greg? This isn't funny!"

"Enna, up here!" cried Greg.

Enna craned her head up then dropped to the ground in terror. She tried to scream but her throat ran dry.

"I flew! I flew, Enna. I flew!" Greg exclaimed as he hovered over Enna with his lips drawn up, revealing his long vampire fangs.

The End

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