Author -- Jackie vanderHorst-Buckley

"Jackie vanderHorst-Buckley is a prolific poet. Hailing from the colds of Canada, she has a warm heart that shows through in her many works of verbal art. She has been published on the web, both on her own sites and several writing groups.

Her works also include the novel, "Mistress of Wolfspell" (completed but yet to be published), and "Emy." Mistress is a dark, foreboding, horror suspense piece that skirts the occult. Emy is a murder mystery stemming from the main characters abuse at the hands of those she should have been able to trust.

Jackie is married to an American who is also a writer. She is a mother of three grown boys and has a granddaughter. Widowed in 1997, she took up writing to calm her depression and sadness. She has recently re-married. She was born in Canada and has lived in Holland for 18 years until returning to Canada in 1999."

Jackie can be reached at

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