Author -- Randall Stephan

"Born and raised in the Reading, Pennsylvania area, I was fascinated by the Occult and the macabre from a very young age. Reared on tomes by authors such as King and Barker, and delving into the dark world of Magick and other alternative religions, I soon discovered and fell in love with the works of Poe, Crowley, Lovecraft and Howard, in turn seeking out and devouring the works of their peers and mentors. I'm a huge fan of Weird Tales (even in its present incarnation), and the collections of anthologies and rare reprints of some of the greats of Pulpdom bypublishers such as Chaosium and Del Rey.

"In Pulp, and the writings of the Gothic Horror masters, I've found a certain resonance and purity of thought and execution that is a rare commodity in the works of our modern-day authors. Pulp works tend to hold a feeling of timelessness and a certain mystique which transports one to a world of bizarre possibilities far removed from our mundane lives.

"I would like to see a great underground revival of Pulp and Adventure stories and serials, retro styles and archaic forms of art, literature and poetry, for these are the purest manifestations of those latent feelings of fear and wonder which pulsed through the fibres of our pre-human ancestors in the mists before time and still remain a hidden part of us today.

"I look forward to submitting more Shuddersome Shorts and Two-Fisted Tales to the Pulp and Dagger forum and receiving any feedback from readers and authors alike."


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