Author -- David W. Owens

"David W. Owens currently works for the Georgia Department of Transportation and has a BA in Journalism from Georgia State University. He is a lifelong Georgian whose family has lived in the
state since before the Trail of Tears. His favorite action/adventure authors are Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter of Mars), Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian), Lester Dent (Doc Savage) and
Donald Hamilton (Matt Helm). His swords and sorcery novel, "The Temple of the Worm," will be published as an e-book some time in the next year. Among his many eccentric obsessions are 8-bit Apple II computers, old radio shows, underground comics, classic EC horror comics, pulp magazine fiction, and the films of Stanley Kubrick and Sam Peckinpah." David's website is at

David can be reached at

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