Author -- Michael M. Kelly

"When I discovered a handful of my dad's old, unused, green-cover composition books in my basement as a kid, I guess I was just compelled to fill those blank, lined pages with words.
That's how it began.  It became compulsory after my brother and a handful of my peers, who
weren't exactly friends, found one of these journals and read it aloud, with full intent of making
fun of what they read.  The fact that they didn't, and actually liked what I wrote, was the hook.
It was a story featuring a couple of my own characters, but set in the universe of that "little pulp
science-fiction movie" that came out that summer of 1977.  I think you know the one.  I've been
writing, or at least attempting to, ever since.  Even got a couple of college degrees along the

My influences are wide and ranging.  Comic books (especially the work of Alan Moore, Frank
Miller and pioneer Stan "the Man" Lee), movies such as the one above and far too many
role-playing games all factor in.  However, my biggest influences in the world of fiction are
Edgar Rice Burroughs (especially his John Carter of Mars series); Robert E. Howard (Conan,
his many pulp adventure stories); Fritz Leiber (Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser, some of his horror
work); Michael Moorcock (Elric series, and the rest of his huge canon of fiction, particularly
Eternal Champion stories); and of course, mythologist, world-builder and linguist J.R.R.
Tolkien.  Of late, pulp detective fiction writers such as Dashiell Hammet, Raymond Chandler
and Rex Stout have filled my reading hours.  Of course, I've had a major taste of literary "haute
couture" such as Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dante, and many others, during the course of my

Pulp fiction is an art form, too. One of entertainment, first, but also of concise prose, exotic
adventure, striking visuals and pulse-pounding action.  I'm proud and flattered to have my story
appear on this site, which keeps this rich tradition alive.  I hope to be able to see more of my
stories appear here in the near future.  Thanks for reading."

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To Rescue a Princess  Pulp and Dagger