Author -- Howard Andrew Jones

"When not writing tales of heroic adventure Howard Jones is a father, a husband, and a freelance editor and writer. His fiction has appeared steadily in the small press and online magazines over the last few years. He won second place in the 2002 speculative fiction contest for one of his stories of the wily Elise Devaraux; her other tales can be found in the archives at Another of his Carthaginian tales is slated to be published in the October
issue of Andromeda Spaceways, and stories of his Arabian swashbucklers Dabir and Asim will shortly appear in Paradox and FMAM. Look for his upcoming article on the history of sword and sorcery in the fall 03 issue of Black Gate. His favorite authors are Harold Lamb, Robert E. Howard, Leigh Brackett, Lord Dunsany, Saki, and Shakespeare. He loves the early Fritz Leiber Lankhmar stories and the first Amber series by Roger Zelazny and is especially fond of historical adventure fiction."

Alternate short form:

"Howard Jones was born once and lives on to this day. He likes to write."

Howard can be reached at

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