Author -- Ron Capshaw

"I am a PhD student in history, who still finds time in between assigned readings to indulge in his continuing obsession, Doc Savage. I always wanted to write a politicized Doc Savage pastiche -- hence, Jonathan Silver aka the Ghost, who is a blend of Doc, the Avenger, and Dwight MacDonald.

"My introductory tale to the Ghost (the one you have is a prequel that fills in questions the other one left unanswered) is going to appear in the third issue of Adventure Mystery Magazine, put out by Hidalgo Publishing. That tale deals with the rise and fall of the Ghost's reputation when the political winds change in the late 1940s.

"I hope to do other Ghost stories in the loose chronological way Robert E. Howard did his Conan stories -- that is, jumping back and forth in time as if I am around a campfire telling the stories as they occur to me. Future stories will include the Ghost running afoul of a very real Soviet espionage operation in the McCarthy fifties and how he battles it while dodging his own nemesis, HUAC."

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