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Presented for your edification, dear reader -- a super-short tale of hi-tech turpitude.  In the Computer Age, infidelity ain't what it used to be.  It's worse...



Dead Aim

By Bryan Steven Follins

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Jesse Green had begun his nightly check of e-mail.  There were 26 new messages
in the mailbox.  One message had an attachment.  The title of the message read:

"One Hundred Different Ways to Cheat On Your Spouse."

A mile-wide grin spread across Green's face, as he rapidly scrolled down to the e-mail.  Cynthia, his wife, would not be in for another hour, so he was going to enjoy reading THIS MESSAGE.

Green opened the e-mail.

It read:  "Here are some foolproof methods to help you establish an airtight plan on how to cheat on your spouse.  This demo is free, so you do not have to worry about pulling out your credit card.  Feel free to click on the attachment."

A wider grin crossed Jesse's face.

He clicked on the attachment.

The screen turned black.

Next, a pulsating white circle appeared in the middle of the monitor.  The circle became larger and larger.

Then a voice said:  "The first step to cheating on your spouse is to blind them."

At this point the light pulse flashed ten times brighter than the sun, and Green was blinded.

Then the voice said:  "The second step is to make them deaf."

Now, a high pitched whistling sound erupted from the file.  Green grabbed his ears.  The whistling became louder and louder, and then, silence.

Jesse realized he could no longer see or hear.  He panicked and tried to stand up, and he tripped on his chair.  He fell to the floor, and lay there in a state of total shock.

Then the voice said:  "Now that they can neither see nor hear, there is nothing they can do to stop you."

Now there was a grinding noise on the computer.  A message flashed across
the screen saying:  "System hardware failure."

The screen went blank, and Jesse was blank.

While all of this was going on, Cynthia had entered the room.  She was feeling proud.  Her newly developed e-mail virus had worked.

She had to get changed, for she had a date an hour later.

The End.

Story dedicated to Ray Bradbury.

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Dead Aim is copyright 1999, by Bryan Steven Follins. It may not be copied or used for any commercial purpose except for short excerpts used for reviews. (Obviously, you can copy it or print it out if you want to read it!)