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Updated Oct. 27, 2001: Previously these instructions were needlessly wordy and confusing (and probably intimidating) so here are the new, improved instructions.

Type the name of the person you're looking for in quotations. Hit "Search". Then click on the highlighted name that comes up. Period. That's it. Pretty nifty, eh?

Shortcomings: Firstly: if the person is in more than one movie on a given page, the search engine only seems to highlight one entry. In other words, you might have to go to each page and search for additional entries using the search function on your browser. Secondly: if you're looking for more than one name (maybe you vaguely recall two actors co-starring in something) you can search for both names simultaneously...but the search engine will call up every page where both names appear, not just the page where both names appear in the same movie. Thirdly: actors sometimes change their names. Actresses get married or divorced, sometimes actors stick in initials between their names and sometimes they don't, sometimes they're billed with various variations on their names.  Cyndy Preston is Cindy Preston is Cynthia Preston, etc.  Needless to say, the search engine can't find variations.  I've been working to list actors by their alternative names, but it's time consuming work.  So if you're looking for Eugene A. Clark, you might also try Eugene Clark for good measure.

So, good searching...


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