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Name: Pierre
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Comments: Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so. (Douglas Adams)
Tuesday, February 25th 2003 - 10:25:19 AM
Name: Will Thomas
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Comments: JOHNNY BELINDA(1948) Set in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.
Friday, February 21st 2003 - 08:02:23 AM
Name: Debra Ensley
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Comments: Fantastic site.
Tuesday, February 18th 2003 - 03:59:43 PM
Name: Will Thomas
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Comments: RED COAT(1974) Fabio Testi plays a Mountie in this spaghetti western.
Tuesday, February 18th 2003 - 08:08:26 AM
Name: Will Thomas
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Comments: In response to Robert Duvall's remark that the actors are better in the USA, I have say that as with any occupation you go where the money is.The biggest problem with Canadian movies is that all the canadian actors who have the quality to be effective in movies are in LA.It's a bit like the CFL versus the NFL.
Thursday, February 13th 2003 - 08:14:22 AM
Name: Larry
Comments: Gender Poem:Adam n Eve-boys n girls-women n men-go together like birds and feathers-tis great God made two human genders.>>>>Go Canada Go-films,music,poetry,books!.Nice web-site here.
Wednesday, February 5th 2003 - 03:09:24 AM
Name: Jalal Merhi
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some are missing but over all good job. 
Jalal Merhi
Sunday, February 2nd 2003 - 05:26:32 PM
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Thursday, January 23rd 2003 - 08:40:43 AM
Name: Frank Stohler
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Comments: What are your feelings regarding the audience reaction of "The Eleventh Hour" - a Canadian show that doesn't hide its country of origin, has been greatly acclaimed by the critics, yet despite this has been doing terribly in the ratings, not even able to attract 500,000 viewers?
Wednesday, January 22nd 2003 - 10:40:23 PM
Name: Ideal-ist
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Comments: This site is a great resource, thanks, it's a pleasure to sign your guestbook!
Wednesday, January 22nd 2003 - 12:30:29 PM
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Monday, January 20th 2003 - 01:33:06 AM
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Friday, January 17th 2003 - 03:04:27 AM
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Wednesday, January 15th 2003 - 12:10:19 AM
Name: Julie
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Comments: I am looking for a copy of And I love you dearly (La Maitresse), Anton Van de Water, 1972.
After a lot of research, you are the first person I could find who has actually SEEN this (terrible) film. Because I have a small part in the film as a young child, I would like to get a copy. I would really appreciate it if you or anyone else could help me. 
Thank You
Saturday, January 11th 2003 - 01:43:49 PM
Name: Clarissa
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Comments: I thought it would be nice to drop a line in your guestbook and thank you for helping me write my essay. Greetings!
Friday, January 10th 2003 - 01:25:29 AM
Name: Paul
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Comments: Great site, thank you for sharing it.
Thursday, January 9th 2003 - 06:23:26 AM
Name: Sinker Road
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Comments: Great Website! Happy new year!
Saturday, January 4th 2003 - 05:54:22 AM
Name: Linda M. Lejeune
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Comments: Can you tell me if the Jalna series of 1979 or 1995 aired on CBC are available on video. My sister is an avid Mazo de la Roche fan and owning a video of the series would be fantastic
Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 01:48:07 PM
Name: Lori White
Comments: Fabulous site. Thanks.

FFree StuffE

Wednesday, December 4th 2002 - 09:15:29 AM
Name: Lori
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Comments: Terrific web site.Thanks.
Thursday, November 28th 2002 - 09:28:29 AM
Name: Pat M
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Comments: Help..I have tried getting the original Talking to Americans broadcast March 2001 by contacting Salter Films & no response. Does anyone know where I can get a copy. Have a sister who married a Texan & is living in the States. Would love to send her a copy for Xmas. 
Monday, November 25th 2002 - 07:19:44 PM
Name: Keith Bailey
E-mail address:
Comments: Thank you for not only responding to my guest book entry, but by writing a long essay as a response. You certainly made a number of valid points. However, there are a few extra details that I want to make clear:

(1) "Due South" is indeed one of the most successful Canadian shows ever made. However, it wasn't as successful as you might think. True, when it was cancelled by CBS, the foreign popularity did manage to get the show continued, and British and German partners jumped in to provide financing. However, despite these partnerships and its popularity overseas, the show could only make 13 shows a season, and still had budget problems at times.

(2) Traditionally, the American market is very xenophobic towards foreign product of a "distinct" sense - this explains why there have been very few distinctly (fill in country names) shows bought by networks or many sydicated stations. Yes, "Forever Knight" did do reasonably well in the U.S., but that's the exception to the rule; most other "fun" Canadian shows with distinctively Canadian elements like "Bob & Margaret" and "Blackfly" haven't made much (or any) money in the U.S. "Due South" got canned twice in the United States due to poor ratings, and "Power Play" got cancelled after ONE disasterous airing by UPN. You will see some foreign (sometimes Canadian) programming on American cable channels, but the cable channels pay a pittance for the license fees, since their audiences aren't as huge.

So seeing how limited the U.S. market is (usually) to foreign (including Canadian) product - and knowing that U.S. license fees for a widely seen show there can pay for most or all of a show, that is why so many Canadian shows gear for the American market. If they make a big U.S. sale, they can relax, because they know they've made money. Even if the show gets cancelled after one season (like "Queen of Swords") they are still in the black.

Anyway, to another topic... you might be pleased to know (as I am) that Telefilm has made a radical shift in its decision-process as to what movies they will fund. If you go to the following link, you'll not only get a list of some promising-sounding Canadian movies that recently got funded and are now being made, but (if you click the link on the page entitled "The ABCs Of Audience Building"), you'll learn more about the new criteria Telefilm has:

Thursday, November 21st 2002 - 10:56:12 PM
Name: Jim Canavan
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Comments: Hi, Looking to find the movie falling from the sky flight 174.. (or could be freefall: flight 174)... HELP. Thanks, Jim 
Tuesday, November 19th 2002 - 11:25:55 AM
Name: Keith Bailey
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Comments: The editorial "I'm An American... Eh?" neglects to mention one important factor that makes many Canadian productions hide their country of origin - they can't afford to do so. Typically,, the makers of a set-in-Canada TV show or movie find it very difficult to sell it to a foreign country. And if they *do* manage to sell it to a foreign country, they usually find they get less money in each country than if the product was set in the United States.

This explains why your typical set-in-Canada TV series can only manage to make 13 (or even just 6) episodes a season - they can't raise more money to make more episodes from meager foreign sales, and because the license fees from Canadian stations in no way come close to paying for the show, even with the government subsidies they get. As a result, it can take YEARS for a Canadian TV show to make its money back (if ever).

Compare this to "disguised" shows like "Relic Hunter" and "Earth: Final Conflict". Thanks to big foreign sales, they not only can make 22 episodes a season, but have the money to spend more for each episode so that these shows look more slick than made-in-Canada shows.

Needless to say, these factors also explain why many Canadian movies disguise their settings.

Monday, November 11th 2002 - 11:14:10 PM
Name: Will Thomas
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Comments: THE SCORE starring Robert Deniro,Marlon Brando is set in Montreal and shot there as well. A similar movie THE HEIST starring Gene Hackman was shot there as well but set in Europe.
Saturday, November 9th 2002 - 07:16:21 AM
Name: David DeCoteau
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Comments: Great Site!
Saturday, September 28th 2002 - 09:13:57 AM
Name: vivian
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Comments: Hi, I think this is pretty a cool site. I am now working on finding out some movies that can make ppl know Cananda more. And your site help me a lot!! Thank you very much : ) By the way, here are some non-canadian canadian movie that are not on you list: 

"Art of War"--Donald Sutherland is a Canadian, and he plays a Canadian secretary general in the United Nation.

"Chances Or Coincidences" it's a pretty cool movie. Half of the part is about Canada.....I think you can check it out!

"Good Will Hunting" the movie is shot in Toronto.

Friday, September 27th 2002 - 02:14:28 AM
Name: Expat Canuck
Comments: Many thanks to the Masked Movie Critic: I KNEW I once watched a film with Patrick McGoohan and Margaret Trudeau appearing, and you have confirmed it ("Kings and Deperate Men"). I'd have driven myself nuts trying to remember the movie title. 
Now, if I can only find the one with Dan Ackroyd and the Avro Arrow project...
Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 08:52:03 AM
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Friday, September 20th 2002 - 01:02:05 PM
Name: Ed Wilson
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Comments: Re: Non-Canadian movies that have a Canadian angle.

SHOOT TO KILL (1988). Starring Sidney Poitier, Tom Berenger, Kirstie Alley. This crime thriller starts in San Francisco and then police officer Poitier and outdoorsman Berenger track the killer through the mountains until they cross the border in to Canada. The climax, where they finally corner the killer, happens in Vancouver. This movie was evidently filmed entirely in British Columbia, but it's a U.S. production and they seem to have decided that, as long as they're actually in Canada, they might as well use the location to their advantage.

THE OPPOSITE OF SEX (1998). Starring Christina Ricci, Lisa Kudrow. This is set in the Northeastern U.S. (as I recall -- it's been a while since I've seen it), but, toward the end, they wind up in Canada, seemingly in cottage country in northern Ontario. I don't know where this was filmed, but I had the impression that it was all filmed in the States. The Canadian scenes just seem to me to have been done in California, but I don't really have anything to base that on.

Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 11:24:27 AM
Name: wanda
E-mail address:
Comments: Can anyone tell me the artist who sang the theme song in the western The Gunfighters? The movie was a pilot for a tv series that never happened. George Kennedy was in the movie and played a croocked land barron who tried to take the land of two brother and a cousin named Everret. I do not under stand why this movie did not make a series. the movie and the music were wonderful thanks wanda
Saturday, August 31st 2002 - 10:06:54 PM
Name: Malcolm Macmillan
E-mail address:
Comments: Can anyone help? I'm after the name and other details of a film I saw in the the late 1930s or early 1940s which may have been Canadian (or merely set in Canada, or even in Alaska). The film featured the life and work of the crew of a fishing boat. The ONLY part of the film I recall was at or toward the end when the catch of fish was about to be ruined because the crew had run out of ice for storing it. However, all was saved by tenor crewman who made an iceberg crumble by (rather improbably) the high note with which he ended his singing of 'Mother Macree/Machree.'
Wednesday, August 28th 2002 - 04:52:49 PM
Name: Will Thomas
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Comments: If you are interested in connecting with people of similar interests I would recommend YAHOO GROUPS search for example, Jessica Pare or Paul Gross or "DUE SOUTH" "NIGHT HEAT".None of the info in these groups will show up on a search engine.
Friday, August 23rd 2002 - 07:43:43 AM
Name: Ry Jay
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Comments: 3 Questions:
Isn't the premise of the TV show "Matrix" just a word for word ripoff of a character from an episode of "The Equalizer" called "Trial By Fire"? The episode where McCall (Edward Woodward) takes a high school gang to the morgue to scare them straight. He then introduces them to a hitman who tells them about his near-death experience; standing at the edge of an ocean of fire, surrounded by all of his victims except for one man who stares straight at him (God?). The "Equalizer" monologue and the "Matrix" pilot are one in the same!
Number Two. Do you remember a very short-lived program on CTV called "Johnathan's Quest"? It only ran 13 episodes. It was about a a young man who finds out he's adopted and so goes on a journey to find his birth mother. His only clues are letters and tarot cards she's left behind in various towns (another town, another letter, another episode). A mysterious man in black, also looking for the woman, follows closely behind. It was a Canadian production with Canadian episodes and set in real Canadian towns and cities (although probably only filmed in one location). I remember the show but no one else seems to. Even the "expert" at TV Guide doesn't remember it. Please Help!
Number Three. Was their ever a Canadian kids show called "Pencil Box" starring Vincent Price? It had kids act out stories sent in by other kids. Maybe it was made around the same time as Billy Vann's "Hilarious House of Frightenstein" which also starred Vincent Price. 


Thank you,

Ry Jay

Thursday, August 22nd 2002 - 07:55:45 PM
Name: Jay
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Comments: Hi.

I am desperately searching for some info on "The Prom" with Stacie Mistysyn and Jaimz Woolvett (I also have a webpage on him at if anybody is interested). I would appreciate any help I can get on the subject. I would like to know the name of the male lead in the movie. I also would like to obtain the movie if at all possible. Your review of it is way off the mark though. It is a terrific movie.

Sunday, August 18th 2002 - 08:31:03 PM
Name: berno
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Comments: great !
Tuesday, August 13th 2002 - 08:19:38 AM
Name: Jesse
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Comments: Can I ask who the dope was who reviewed film and Canada, put down Don McKeller and Ken Finkleman and said it would be better if filmmakers made more movies for an audience? Thanks.
Tuesday, July 30th 2002 - 09:26:05 AM
Name: blanois
E-mail address:
Comments: I am looking to purchase a copy of "Trial at Fortitude Bay", can anyone help me? If not, does anyone know if it will be on Showcase in the near future. I am also looking for the name of a movie. It is about two Jewish men who survive Auchwitz and end up in Montreal (I believe). One of them become an Orthodox Jew and the other turns against his Jewish faith. Can anyone help me with this one?
Friday, July 26th 2002 - 05:19:12 PM
Name: Barry
E-mail address:
Comments: Can anyone out there get me a copy of the excellent 6 part Canadian miniseries "Race For The Bomb"? It was made in the 80's and is reviewed on this site. I would kill to see this again and will gladly offer swaps, bribes or my children in part exchange.
Friday, July 19th 2002 - 10:53:12 AM

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