I put this book together on my own, getting most of the information (cast, running times, trivia, date of release) from the movies themselves, occasionally seeking out confirmation in a review or article. I've tried to check and recheck everything, but I'm sure there are errors (just as I've come across blatant mistakes in professional movie review books). So all I'm saying is: don't blame me if a mistake crops up, if I misjudged the running time, or there was a scene of violence that I didn't warn you about. I've done the best I can. Indeed, since some of these movies I watched on commercial TV, I can't be entirely sure I didn't see it in some adulterated form (though Canadian TV is less conservative than, say, American television, and so editing is less prevelant).

As well, there are undoubtedly spelling mistakes, run-on sentences, and grammatical faux pas. I'll try to fix those as time goes by if I notice them (or if someone draws my attention to it).

Above all, the reviews are just my opinions, occasionally pretty incendiary ones -- nothing more. Sometimes I might give a movie a bad review but you might, reading between the lines, infer that it would be something you personally would like, which is fine.

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