B: Pamela Anderson Lee (she was born in British Columbia)


B: Sorel Etrog (he designed the statue. I made up the rest of the names/)


A (Singer) = iv (V)
B (Moss) = i or vi (The Matrix)
C (Sutherland)= v (Invasion of the...)
D (Kotto) = ii (Alien)
E (Reeves) = i or vi (The Matrix)
F (Clark) = iii (Colossus)


A (McCann) = iii MacKenzie King in The King Chronicles
B (Hutt) = i or iv Macdonald in The National Dream
C (Millaire) = ii Laurier in Laurier
D (Plummer) = i or iv Macdonald in Riel


D: Donald Sutherland - (Massey portrayed Lincoln in the U.S. film "Young Mr. Lincoln", Royal a fictional president in the U.S. mini-series "Amerika", Welsh played Truman in the mini-series Hiroshima and Haven)


The Rowdyman (1972)


D: Richard Eden (in the RoboCop TV series he played a cyborg -- part man/part machine -- not a full blown android. Hah! Tricked ya!) -- for the record: Wint played an android iin TekWar, Doig in Andromeda, Currie in Codename: Eternity, and Pruner in Total Recall 2070.


Paul Gross - Due South
Julie Stewart - Cold Squad
Michael Riley - Power Play


A (Hylands) = iii (O'Brien in Night Heat)
B (Polley) = vi (Stanley in Road to Avonlea)
C (Waxman) = iv (King in King of Kensington -- if you were thinking "Cagney & Lacey" you must not be Canadian)/
D (Follows) = i (various Anne of Green Gables mini-series)
E (Vernon) = ii (Wojeck)
F (Smits) = v (Barr in Street Legal)


A (Sutherland) = iv (Bethune)
B (Fryer) = ii (Terry Fox)
C (Brosnan) = v (Grey Owl)
D (Farnsworth) = i (Grey Fox)
E (Cage) = iii (Boy in Blue)


A = iii (Gordon Pinsent/Leah Pinsent)
B = ii (Shirley Douglas/Kiefer Sutherland - Hey, Donald Sutherland would've been too obvious)
C = i (Don Francks/Rainbow Sun Francks)
D = iv (Christopher Plummer/Amanda Plummer)


A = i (Woolvett)
B = iii (Pilon)
C = ii (Dale)
D = iv (Laurier)


A Les ordes = ii October Crisis
B National Dream = iv railroad
C Quelques... = iii 1837
D Drylanders = i Depression


A Egoyan = iii Next of Kin
B Rozema = i Mermaids
C Lauzon = iv Un zoo
D Arcand = ii Gina


C: The Sweet Hereafter was based on a novel by American writer Russel Banks.


A: Peter Outerbridge (cause he went there twice -- in Escape from Mars and the U.S. movie Mission to Mars -- and never came back...Run Away! Run Away! -- O.K., it was a silly question)


A Tit-Coq = iii WW 2
B The Wars = ii WW 1
C Private Capitol = i Boer
D Deserters = iv Vietnam


E: Hume Cronyn (though he appeared in a movie called Christmas on Division St., he played a homeless man, not Santa)


They each starred more than one Canadian.