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 They Ain't Trade      Paperbacks ~
 ...but Maybe They Should Be!
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Yes, kids,~ says The Masked Bookwyrm ~ now it's your chance to make your own, customized Trade Paperback's (kind of the literary equivalent of a Mr. Potato Head) regardless of whether Marvel or DC has sanctioned it or not.

Trade Paperbacks collect story lines and story arcs that might be hard to track down otherwise. But what gets collected can often be dictated by things that have little to do with the quality of the work. Sometimes great story arcs are ignored because they contained nothing significant continuity-wise that demands repackaging for the collector: no origin is revised, no character is introduced. (Some comic shop owners have realized this and will package lesser-known storylines as a set -- and with Marvel's "Essential" & "Classic" volumes and DC's "Showcase presents", increasingly some of these story arcs are collected, simply as part of a run of issues).

Anyway...here's my little (and growing) selection of some great uncollected storylines -- think of this as a kind of make-believe list of Trade Paperback's that aren't...but should be. (And apparently, I'm not -- entirely -- talkin' through my hat, as a few arcs I recommended here were subsequently collected in real TPBs -- such as Going Sane and Deadman -- and I moved my review to my regular Graphic Novel/TPB section).
~~The Epic Sagas~~

The Quest for Mera
The Strange Saga of Rupert Thorne, Part II
"Panther's Rage"
(The Black Panther) 
The Red Skull Who Wasn't Saga
(Captain America)
"Who Remembers Scorpio?"
(The Defenders)
The Fight for Ferris Air Saga
(Green Lantern)
(Green Lantern)
The Master Planner Saga
The Quest for the Tablet
The Menace from the World Beyond Saga
Adam Warlock vs. the Magus

~ The Honourable Mentions ~

"Don't Mess With Killer Croc! - the secret origin of Jason Todd"
The Challengers Seven Saga
(Challengers of the Unknown) 
The Project Four Saga
The Mystery of The Mocker
(Green Lantern) 
"The Generations Saga"
(Infinity, Inc) 
The Madness of Brainiac 5
(The Legion of Super-Heroes)
The First War with Baron Karza
The Return of the New Gods
(The New Gods) 
The Saga of a...Star-Lord
The (Celestial) Starman Saga
"Judgement War"
~The Multi-Part Stories~
"The Tyrant Out of Time"
(All-Star Squadron)
The Super Count Nefaria Saga
(The Avengers)
Krona vs. The Green Lantern Corps
(Green Lantern)
"Power War"
(Green Lantern)
Space War
(Hawkman & Adam Strange) 
"When a World Dies Screaming!"
Supergirl vs. Blackstarr
The Jericho Experience
(The Teen Titans)
"The Fall of Asgard!"

~The Two-Handers~

"Night of the Laughing Dead/And When I Died...!"
"The Cat/Fight Without Pity"
(Master of Kung Fu)
"Doorway to Heaven/This Insubstantial Pageant Faded"
(Power Man and Iron Fist)
"The Last Days of Lois and Lana!/The Dying Day of Lois & Lana!"

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