Links to Reviews (TPBs/GNs/Mini-Series)


Camelot 3000
Captain America
Captain Britain
Captain Canuck: Unholy War - Mini-Series
Captain Marvel - Death of..., Life of ..., Secret Invasion
The Untold Legend of Captain Marvel - Mini-Series
Cerebus - Cerebus (first), Church & State Vol.. 1, High Society, Melmoth
Challengers of the Unknown Must Die!
Cinder and Ashe - Mini-Series (also collected as a TPB)
The City
ClanDestine Classic
ClanDestine: Blood Relative
Codename Knockout: The Devil You Say
The Complete Peanuts, vol. 1
CONCRETE - Complete Concrete, Fragile Creatures, Thhe Human Dilemma
A Contract with God
Colossus: God's Country
Cosmic Odyssey
Criminal Macabre: A Cal MacDonald Mystery
The Crimson Avenger - Mini-Series
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Crisis on Multiple Earths (various)
Crossover Classics, Marvel/DC vol. 1
CSI: Thicker than Blood
Cyclops: Retribution


Captain America
Page One
The Adventures of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (Mini-Series)
Bicentennial Battles
The Bloodstone Hunt
Deathlok Lives
The New Deal
Page Two
(/The Falcon) Nomad
(/The Falcon) Secret Empire
Red, White & Blue
Theater of War
Page Three
versus The Red Skull
War & Remembrance
Essential Captain America, vol. 1
Page Four
Essential Captain America, vol. 2
Essential Captain America, vol. 4

Captain BRITAIN (and MI 13)
Page One
Captain Britain ("Before Excalibur")(1989)
Captain Britain (2002)
Captain Britain: The Birth of a Legend
Captain Britain: A Hero Reborn
Captain Britain Omnibus
Page Two
(& MI 13) Hell Comes to Birmingham
(and MI 13) Secret Invasion
(and MI 13) Vampire State
Page One
Her Sister's Keeper
Selina's Big Score
Batman/Catwoman: Trail of the Gun - Mini-Series
Catwoman / Vampirella: The Furies
The Barbarian
Chronicles, vol. 4: Song of Red Sonja
The Horn of Azoth
The Reaver
The Skull of Set
The Witch Queen of Acheron
Savage Sword of Conan, vol. 6


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