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For the moment, this is still "Under Construction" (largely because I may or may not get a access to a scanner in the near future and can add graphics).

Here are some of the pages so far: A Quick Overview of Captain Canuck's Publishing History The Issues Index

  • The Heroes (Trumpets, please)
  • The Villains (Ooohh, sca-ary)
  • The Comic Strip & Other Merchandising Off-Shoots (Everything but a Captain Canuck jinsu knife)
  • Other Adventurers (Captain Canuck wasn't the only star of the comic: Meet "Jonn", "Catman", and the rest of the supporting features.)
  • A Look at Some of the Themes and Ideas Behind Captain Canuck
  • Progenitors & Prodigies: Meet other comic book characters, both Canadian and American, that may have inspired (and been inspired by) Captain Canuck
  • The Obligatory Casting Call ("Let's do lunch, baby!")

    Captain Canuck #1

    Who is Captain Canuck, you ask? Captain Canuck was a Canadian comic book published in the mid-'70s and the early '80s. A mixture of superhero, James Bond, and science fiction, the series was about a costumed hero/government agent who battled evil throughout Canada, the world, and beyond, in what was then the future (the 1990s). Not the most successful of comic books, it's true, but the character has achieved a certain cult status, with an audience recognition that outstrips the short run. In 1993, the character had a short-lived relaunch, changing everything but the costume; I'll add more about that as I go, but this web page is primarily devoted to the one, the original, CAPTAIN CANUCK.

    ** WEB PAGE **

    Welcome to a web page devoted to Captain Canuck!

    Perhaps I should call this "a" Captain Canuck web page. There have been one or two others, including an official one related to the mid-90s relaunch (but, as near as I can tell, it's pretty defunct) as well as an unofficial one (but, likewise, it seems uncompleted -- possibly even dead). So, for the time being, I'll call this "The Web Page" and, if someone objects, let me know and I'll change it.

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